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Your Guide to Dating Women Tips                              

Dating Women Tips

Hi there and welcome to dating women tips. Dating women can be a kind of tricky business if you don't know what to say and how to say it. Are you confident enough to walk into a bar and talk to the girl of your dreams? I didn't think so!!!

On this site we are going to look at some of the common things you can do to make dating women an easy and positive process. None of us want to be alone and you don't have to with some of the great information we have got in store for you.

However, if you are set up for a serious relationship, then we can find the best option among the best mature dating sites.

Dating Education, Attraction, And Seduction - The #1 Pickup Artist In The World By The Seduction Community

How To Become An Alpha Male - Dating & Seduction Success Guide For Men -- The Lazy Man's Way

How To Attract And Bed Women - By A Woman - How To Meet, Attract And Seduce Women.

But first let me tell you a little something about myself. I met my wife when I was 16 and was in a relationship for 15 years. Then all of a sudden the relationship ended. I won't go into details that will just bore you!!!!!!! So from then on I was feeling pretty inadequate and alone in the world. I thought it would be great being single and that I could chat up any girl I wanted to... Boy was I wrong. The minute I laid my eyes on the sexiest prettiest girl I could find I completely bottled it.  How rubbish is that. I psyched myself up and everything for the moment.


Then I realised that my confidence had completely dropped and that this dating thing was going to be harder than I could ever have imagined. I decided then to go online and try and chat to some nice fit girls... Set up all the profile stuff, but what do you put, what do you say.... I was even worse at this than I was when I went into a bar and started to chat up the girls. But I wanted to stay online it was safer and you can get to know girls before dating them.

So things were getting kind of ridiculous. I thought I can't spend my time on my own and I really wanted the security of having a gorgeous girl on my arm. After all I am a pretty good looking chap - or so I thought anyway ;-) In the end I decided to take action and do something about it.

I found this site they had a free dvd and also a really good webinar that I watched too. It was really inspiring to hear as I really didn't realise I didn't know anything about dating women.  So what did deep attraction teach me?

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 Blue Tick       Confidence is key. Always believe in yourself and your ability to approach women to go out on a date. Without confidence it is really difficult to get out there and be positive and you just have to do it.

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It went through the magical elements off dating and what I should and shouldn't put in my profile. This is probably the most difficult thing, is to know what attracts women to your profile and how to get them to respond to your ad.

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The proven methods to approach women and some really good dating women tips. What to say when to say it. What interests women and how to keep them interested in your conversation. After all it is about them as well as you. If you don't listen to them then you might be in trouble right out the starters gate.

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Secret triggers you can implement to start getting 3 or 4 dates a week. Choose the women of your dreams and make sure that you can make them attracted to you.

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So my dating women tips conclusions

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If you are struggling with dating women and what to say. Then get some help. Women can be confusing and hard to understand so don't go it alone. Get your free webinar and DVD Today

Green ThumbLearn to build your confidence today and know exactly what to say and when to say it. Have you ever cringed when you have said something to a women they don't like. Yeah you will know it alright.

Green ThumbJust go out and try it. Know what you are looking for in a women. This will also determine what type of site you would like to join, such as plentyoffish, match.com etc. Certain sites will attract certain women.

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Be humorous. Do you know how to bring humour into the conversation. Women love humour and as part of your dating tips, you really need to understand how to harness this powerful technique.

Green ThumbWomen also love to be romantic. They read romantic books, they want a knight in shining armour. Therefore you need to learn how to suggest romantic ideas to them without making them cringe. Can you think of any of the top of your head? You will need to invest a little time on this one ;-) 

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Learn how to connect with them in a positive and influential manner. The last thing you want is for them to think all you are after is just getting them into bed. Know where to take them on your first date. Make it the right choice or drop like a bomb forever.

Green ThumbWomen generally want a man that can look after them. So don't act like a mouse. They want to be protected and feel safe when they are with you. Don't forget they will most likely want children and someone who can look after them too. Learn how to be masculine to get the girl of your dreams today. 


Dating Education, Attraction, And Seduction - The #1 Pickup Artist In The World By The Seduction Community

How To Become An Alpha Male - Dating & Seduction Success Guide For Men -- The Lazy Man's Way

How To Attract And Bed Women - By A Woman - How To Meet, Attract And Seduce Women.



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