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Dating Tips on What Not To Say To A Woman

Dating Tips On What Not To Say To A WomenLook guys i will be completely honest with you here with these dating tips. I am sure you agree that meeting women is hard no matter what way you to try and tackle it. Do you agree?

If you do then the important thing to remember is that once you have an opportunity to talk to them. The one thing you do not want to do is to send them running within minutes of opening your mouth.

So how do you stop them running for the hills? Well to be fair it is only going to be the first few conversations and interactions which can be difficult therefore that is the area that you need to concentrate on.

Think about your previous dates have you ever put your foot in your mouth straight away? And then felt uncomfortable for the rest off the date without anyone saying anything productive, just thinking damn I wish this was over.

Well here are my dating tips on what not to say and what not to say to a women on your first date

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So what do you say to a women you just met? Well if common sense prevails at all, you would think that showing an interest in her would be a great start heah. Let her know that you are mature enough for a relationship or not. You well might not be but you will want her to think you are, most women like the security of a relationship. Sounds easy heah!!!! Read on to learn why it isn't.

Blue tickWell the challenge actually comes when you think about what you shouldn't say not really what you should say. Does that make sense? Okay so if I explain it in this way. Women tend to want a lot of conflicting things from men, for instance they might fancy you because you are great looking, but then get jealous when all the girls are staring at you all the time. Or they could like your cheeky and jokey attitude but then want you to be serious for a lot of the time. A mixture of both is good, too much of any one is too much.

These are all the things you should definitely avoid.

Blue tickKids and Marriage - Do not in anyway ever talk about this on your first date. It is a definite no no and you should also avoid a women who mentions it to you on the first date too. All that will happen if you mention you want 10 kids is get shot down right in the forehead before you start. Why? Because it is not a good start to a conversation. Seriousness comes later when you have built a good relationship.

Blue tickNothing Serious - Whether or not you are looking for a serious relationship and want something more  stay away from this topic anyway. If you have never been in a serious relationship before do not let her know whatever you do. Otherwise they will wonder why someone didn't want a serious relationship with you. They want to know you are relationship material in the end but remember this is just the first date.

Blue tickDon't mention your mum - So all us boys love our mum heah!!!!!!! Or most of us anyway... But it doesn't mean that she will want to hear it. After all you do not want her to think that you are looking for a replacement for your mum. Cook your dinner, clean your room, lend you money!!!!! Don't talk about her mum neither, women have intense relationships with their mums so do not get involved you won't like the responses you get.

So that sums up my dating tips on what not to say to a women on your first date. Take notice or else ;-)

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