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You know dating women online can be a daunting task if you are not used to it. What do you put in your profile, how do you approach women when you first make contact. There are so many different ways that you can portray yourself on line that you have to be careful. The important thing is don’t rush into it like a little boy on their first date. Stay calm collected and casual and take note of the information below.

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If I can give you any dating tips at all. Then the first one would definitely be. Do not lie, if you are 5ft 5 then say you are 5ft 5. If you have ginger hair then say you have got ginger hair. If you have tattoo’s say that you have got them. The most important thing if you are serious about going on a date with someone that you are truthful.

There is nothing worse from your perspective or theirs if you meet up and you are not anything like you say you are and believe me this does happen. Also you do not want to be with someone that does not want you for who you are. That is one of the best dating tips so don't forget it or pay the consquences.


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Another important aspect is take a decent photograph of yourself. Not one on a webcam or some dirty photo of you half naked. Women want to see someone they could be attracted too and not put off by. Whatever anyone says appearance is important especially at first glance. You will know this yourself when you browse through the profiles and look at whether or not you want to contact them.

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Another thing about dating women online is that it should be fun. So don’t just jump straight in and ask them out on a date. Get to know a bit about them first. At least this way you will have something to talk about when you do decide to meet up. It is always better to talk on the phone rather than something like instant messenger too. IM conversations can be taken in a lot of ways and you cannot always get over your sense of humour doing this.

Most women will say that they want a man who can make them laugh. In my experience this is true so while I am not suggesting you buy a joke book or anything. Make sure you have some good stories to tell. The newspapers are always good for getting some stories out of. Just be prepared to make her laugh.

My Dating Tips Conclusion

So guys don't mess around here. Make sure you jump in be honest with yourself and your appearance. Learn from your mistakes too, you might have some annoying habit that you need to get rid off. Listen to the girls and also make sure that you do some of the talking too. Remember no matter how gorgeous the girl looks it is always worth asking them out in the first place.

Another good idea is if you do get rejected ask them why? This will help you develop in lots of different ways and will also make sure that you start to understand where you can improve. Did you talk too much, too little, did your Hawaian t shirt put them off.

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