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Why you might need dating tips

You would be really really surprised at just how many people find it difficult to communicate with women and men. This can be for a number of reasons but really it does not help if you don't feel confident about approaching the opposite sex.

One of the big things I have found is that most people just do not believe in themselves enough or the way that they communicate. Often or not there are those voices in your head which say "should I chat them up" "shouldn't I chat them up". In fact most people have more arguments with themselves about what to do and not to do that you would be better off just ignoring those voices completely and getting with it.

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If you jump in with two feet what have you got to worry about? You might embarrass yourself a little if the person says no but trying to live with yourself for not asking is just as bad. So either way you are still going to think about it. Not everyone in the world is suited to you - but you will find that when you ask one time it will pay off for you.

That doesn't mean just simply asking anyone and everyone out on a date there are obviously certain things that you should look for. Whether that is from a physical attraction or that you enjoy someone's conversation. But you must really want to approach that person in the first place.

Let me give you a scenario of what could happen here.

You are out with your friends and you see a girl or boy. You look over a couple of times and check them out. Thinking mmm they have a great dress sense, or a nice smile or there is something that you really like about them. Do you approach them or don't you?

If your sensible you would normally check whether they have a ring on or not. You don't want any complications here with people that are already married.

Okay so what is stopping you approaching them?

  • You don't know what to say 
  • The voices in your head are saying should I shouldn't I 
  • Your not sure whether they will like you or not 
  • You have a fear of rejection 

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